Women use on average 12 personal care products a day and our exposed to over 150 chemicals a day.  Further only 10% of the over 13,000 chemicals used in cosmetics are evaluated for safety. (1)

On average we absorb around 60% of the contaminants in our skin care.  Some areas of the body are more permeable than others (such as the genitalia and underarms) and can absorb up to 100% of the contaminants. (2)

But good news, there are so many great options for chemical free skin care.  You can make your own.  For instance I have a great deodorant recipe that I love and it works so well for me.  There are also so many chemical free lines out there.  There are actually quite a few good non-toxic, some totally organic, skin care lines out there, and I’d encourage you to use any of them, but in my experience many of them tend not to be affordable, or not work that well.

There is a new all-natural skincare on the block, and I absolutely love it.  I’ve been using it for a few months now and wanted to share with you why I love it so much. LimeLight by Alcone is the new kid on the block, and I’m currently obsessed with the skin care line.

So why do I use, love, and share LimeLight by Alcone?

  1. it works – and works really well
  2. it’s made with natural and certified organic ingredients – It is completely non toxic and chemical free
  3. its affordable – the skin care ranging from $24-42.  Sure you can find cheaper, but not usually non-toxic ones that work so well.
  4. And honestly, I just believe in it and the company.

So why do I love, use and share the LimeLight by Alcone skincare line? Because it’s:

Cruelty Free – Products are not tested on animals, which is awesome.  But they go even further. For those products that aren’t vegan and have beeswax, they’ve checked with their beeswax suppliers to make sure the bees are treated well.  This was actually when I first learned that sometimes bees aren’t.  It’s not uncommon for bee producers to tear of the Queen bee’s wings so she can’t leave the colony or have her artificially inseminated.

Chemical Free – All of LimeLight’s skincare is chemical free, and while not certified organic, it is made with organic ingredients.  

Paraben free – Parabens are a preservative.  They also have been studied and found to mimic estrogen, and linked to cancer.  Its one of the chemicals I was referring to above.

Phthalate free – Phthalates are another hormone-disrupting chemical. (3)

SLS free – SLS’s are the sulfates that are foaming and emulsifying agents.  They are a chemical linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption.

Synthetic free – Almost all skincare products contain synthetics (colors, fragrances, petroleum). Synthetic chemicals are linked to a full range from skin irritation to a rise in cancer.

Dye Free – Up to 25 synthetic chemicals go into the making of one artificial dye, and again are linked to skin irritation, allergies and even tumors.  (4)

The success stories – I’m overwhelmed by how many consumers love the products, and the stories they tell.  From the FortyCure Cream being the only thing to help a customer with eczema (thank you tamanu oil), also the calm balm helping with eczema, to the Masque of Zen knocking out zits overnight, to husbands loving the Sotox (anti-ager) as much as their wives.  Also the sotox significantly improving dark spots over the course of two months.


  • The company is very eco-minded, and always working to improve their packaging so it’s as environmentally friendly as possible.  
  • And the community is beautiful, supportive, and truly cares.  I’ve never come across a company that cared so much about it’s community, and that is so passionate.  I think this is the number one reason I’m so attracted to the company in the first place.  Because they are new they are still working and improving the company all the time, and they really care and listen to their beauty guides suggestions.   They are also working on so many great ideas, such as a men’s skin care line, a teen seller’s program (so cool to teach teens how to run their own companies), and a toxin free makeup line are all in the pipeline.

My favorite products:

Sotox – The anti-aging serum that contains songyi mushroom and a algae called Pullulan, caprylic (the best, most awesome part of everyone’s favorite DIY skincare ingredient – coconut), rosemary extract, and helichrysum oil (2 incredible ingredients for skin care) – And when I checked the ingredients on EWG (Environmental Working Group which rates products and ingredients) – nothing was over a green 2 (which is usually if its a potential allergen)!

Masque of Zen – An acne fighting mask that also balances oily skin –  containing Montana Clay and Tea Tree Oil (the go to acne fighting essential oil) as well as rosemary and lavender.

One Drop Wonder – So freaking cool.  It’s exclusive to Limelight and only one ingredient, pomifera oil, cold-extracted from Osage Orange seeds.  It’s the newest breakthrough in beauty, and works as a booster product.  Adding one drop of this to your other products helps you absorb the ingredients of your other products.  It also is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and helps protective your cells from UV damage.

Interested in learning more about the individual skincare products? www.limelightbyalcone.com/lifeupgrade or shoot me an email

The Short of it: 


Disclosure: LimeLight by Alcone is a MLM, in which I am a seller (for all the above reasons!).  But also if you have interest in MLMs, the opportunity is amazing since the company is so new and the products are off the charts!  Send me an email if you’re interested in learning more about parties, opportunities, or samples.



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