I’m Laura Boysen, of LifeUpgradeMovement.com. I’m an Energy and Empowerment Coach who helps women struggling with low energy and fatigue, who are tired of being tired how to restore and optimize their energy so they can live a life equal to their potential. I’m also a best-selling author, and certified Reiki and Life-line Technique practitioner. 

UNMOTIVATED? Drained? Daily Energy slumps? Waking Up Exhausted? Brain Fog? JUST getting through the day, HOPING to have the energy and motivation to do something you really want to do? 

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Guess what? They all require that you, your vitality, your ability to reach your potential comes first. The number one common complaint I hear that amongst my clients, potential clients, and when I’m out networking and meeting new people is lack of energy. They don’t even perhaps realize it but they start using phrases like - 

  • I don’t have the energy at the end of the day exercise to meet my weight loss goal or running a marathon goal. 
  • I’m just too tired at the end of the day make dinner to meat my goals of eating healthy.
  • I’m just tired in the morning so I can’t get the motivation to wake up early and meditate, exercise, or work on my business before heading off to my other job or before the kids wake up and I have to get them ready for school. 
  • And the list can go on and on.

Being tired sucks. Being in survival mode just getting through your days the best you can. That’s so far from ideal and so far from where you could be. 

Do you want a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of how your energy levels work, what blocks it and how these blocks impact our over health and wellness, and of course joy? (Of course you do!)

So what if there was a method that could help you identify what is zapping your energy and a system to restore and optimize that energy and empower you? That could radically transform your: 

  • Joy of life and the work you do 
  • Your ability to reach you goals 
  • The way you spend time and how much time you spend with your friends and family 
  • The way you create your life. 


I truly believe we are all innately powerful, magical people. And you are kick ass and amazing just as you are. But a lot of us don’t feel that way in our everyday lives, and you’ll never feel that way if you are struggling with low energy, fatigue, lack of motivation. 

Well that’s why I created 

The Vibrating Vitality Solution.

A program that will give you the tools, techniques and processes to ditch the brain fog, the low energy slumps, waking up exhausted and the moodiness and drained feelings that come with. 

Once you learn how to identify what’s zapping your energy and how to optimize and maximize your energy instead you can upgrade your body, mind, and life. You’ll be empowered to perform better, create more, reach your goals, create a life you love.

There are 3 main areas you have to look at when it comes to optimizing your energy

  • Your external physical environment 
  • Your internal stress environment 
  • Your mindset 

 And they all play off each other and they all impact one another. But if you take them all separately you can begin to see what is most impacting your energy individually. 

And that’s what’s different about this program. So many programs cover just the physical or just the mindset work. We’ll cover both in this course. Because they are both essential to restoring and owning your energy. 

Further You’ll Get: 

 - A Private Facebook group that I’ll be completely involved and active in because community and support is so important for making changes and reaching goals. 

 - Live Q&A calls, scheduled in the facebook group

- Downloadable Supporting Documents 

  • Sample Meal Plan 
  • Routines Guide 
  • Mindset Exercises 
  • Guided Meditations 

The bottom line is that we're going to cover a lot of ground over the 4 modules, and you're going to come out the other end full of energy, motivation, and empowered to create a life equal to your greatest potential. 

And after the program is over, you’ll still have access to all the videos, materials, and recorded live calls... so you’ll be able to go back over the material at your leisure. You’ll find that the ability to review the material as often as you like... at your own convenience... is simply priceless. 

But that’s not it! 


1 hour - 1 on 1 Coaching Call 

You will receive a complimentary 1 on 1 hour long coaching call with me which you can schedule for any part of the process beginning, middle or end. This way you can get the most personalized attention to make sure you get the clarity, plan of action, and commitment to yourself that you most definitely deserve. That in itself is a $250 value. 

Look what people are saying about Laura 

- “I am so thankful to have met Laura! When we began working together I had big goals and dreams, but I didn’t have the positive energy or focus to take action. She helped me to identify fears and beliefs that did not serve the vision I had for my life. And her compassion, encouragement and accountability helped me to double my productivity, think outside the box, and rekindle the passion I needed to pursue my dream. Laura is one of a kind and if you are ready to up-level your life she is an invaluable resource!" - Tesa Colvin

tesa colvin

"Several weeks ago I started talking weekly with Laura as my Bulletproof Coach. I was encouraged by a friend who knew I was seeking some guidance, encouragement, and balance in my life. She lead me right to Laura. This year I went through a career change, struggled with my energy, and finding the motivation to reach my personal goals. Laura has been a perfect listener during meetings, but also an ongoing support in between our calls. She is personal, passionate, and above all non-judgmental. She will make you strive for your best intentions, but will not act in disappointment when they were not quite reached. She will listen to you, give you time to vent, encourage you, understand when your week wasn't the best and will give you resources to make it better. I'm so thankful for the time I've been able to spend with her and know that she will continue to encourage people into reaching their full potential. Thanks Laura!" - Mandi H.


"Laura has great energy and is an excellent coach. She's inspiring, insightful, so smart and I always love our coaching conversations. I come out feeling empowered and focused, with a solid plan and the skills to reach my goals". 

- Bonita Kindle 

Join the Vibrating Vitality Solution Now 

Your investment in the Vibrating Vitality Solution is just 3 payments of $ 97 or $247 if you pay all at once. Remember, if you want to get your energy back, then you have to make some changes. You have to do some things differently. 

What is your fatigue costing you? 

  • What goals are you not working on? 
  • What responsibilities are you flaking on? 
  • What joys are missing out on because your too tired to go out and experience them? 
  • What relationships are you not supporting? 
  • What relationships are never even starting because you’d rather or you have to stay home and rest? 
  • What health conditions can low energy and its causes lead to?

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The key is knowing what changes to make, how to make those changes, and how to commit to them. That’s what the is course is all about. 

Think about how your life will be different if you commit to taking this action. 

Commit to yourself, your health, and your joy. 

So go ahead and click the button below and join me in the The Vibrating Vitality Solution 

This is a limited timed offer. The Vibrating Vitality Solution Registration is only open for a 5 days And then we close down registration and start the class. 

You have a full 30 days to see if the Vibrating Vitality Solution is right for you. If you determine that it hasn't been, just let us know and I'll gladly refund your money. No hassles. No hard feelings. There has never a better time... but you have to act now... registration is closing soon. 100% Money Back Gaurentee

Now is the time to act. 

Enroll in The Vibrating Vitality Solution and say yes to greater energy. Click the button below and join me now. This is your time, and I'd love to serve you in Restoring Your Energy and empowering you to create a life of joy, health, and feeling great. Click the button now and I'll see you in the program... 



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