speaking gigs

Laura Boysen – best-selling author, energy and empowerment coach, and mindset strategist – offers engaging, informative and entertaining keynote speeches for businesses, schools, conferences, seminars, and workshops small and large. Speeches can be customized to the needs of your organization.


Topics for Talks

  • Powerfully Vulnerable: The power of vulnerability and visibility in being happy, accomplishing goals, and breaking the most commonly held limiting belief – “I am not enough”
  • I Can. I Am. End of Story. – Based on my best selling book “I Can. I Am. End of Story.” – In a world of uncertainty and doubt.  A recipe for how to believe.
  • Be Happy Now:  The Art of stepping into a new vibration of loving your current life while building a life you dream of.
  • Why your always tired? – It’s more then just a post lunch crash.  This talk covers the science behind why so many of are tired way too often throughout the day, that impact on our overall health, and what to do about.


Contact me about booking a talk

I would be honored to speak to speak with your group.  I am based in Chicago but love to travel.