sitting is bad for you


Studies reveal that sitting is bad for you.  It’s the new smoking! That’s how terrible it is for you.  We sit in the car, we sit in front of our computers all day, and then we come home and sit in front of the TV.  We sit when we eat.  We just sit all day long, and researchers have shown that sitting more than 6 hours a day can greatly increase your risk of an early death (1).  


So since sitting is bad for you, get moving instead of sitting:


Standing desk – A standing desk is my number one recommendation for getting out of the sitting all day long rut.  You have to work, right? And most of us work in front of a computer, sitting at a desk 9-5 or longer.  So if you can get your work to get you a standing desk, you’ve just cut your time sitting 50-100%.  And when you’re already standing you’re more likely to walk around a bit, stretch, in general just move around.  Which is the goal!  Personally when I use a standing desk I find myself dancing around a bit and doing a lot of squats and lunges.


Personally I think all offices should have tall desks and chairs so you can stand or sit, but I know few offices are like that, so if you can’t get a standing desk – try these:

Stand when you text – Every time you text or scroll through facebook or instagram, stand up  and walk around a bit.  Do some squats!

More water cooler breaks – Do you drink water all day long (it’s a great idea if you don’t)? Drink out of a smaller cup so you need to walk to the water cooler more often.

Use an exercise app – There are a lot of great desk exercise apps that you can sign up for and reminders will pop up on your screen every 30 minutes or so with an exercise you can do at your desk.  The trick – actually doing them.

Have room for a stationary bike in your home? – Instead of sitting on the couch and watching your favorite show, pedal a stationary bike or walk on a treadmill.  Or do yoga or stretching or sit ups if you don’t have the equipment.

Walk more – Obvious yes, but sometimes we still need the reminder.  Ideas to create the need to walk include parking farther away, or getting off at the bus stop before your normal one.  Beautiful day? Go for a walk at lunch.  Walking is one of the best ways to get your body moving, and is so good for you.  Find any excuse to walk more.  But you have to do it everyday.  Things like fitbit are great for counting steps and encouraging you to meet a daily goal.

Stand when you eat – I happen to eat lunch and dinner at high tables.  Think about where you eat? If there is an opportunity for a high table – try standing while you eat.  Even if you’re with friends who are sitting in the high stools, being at a high table makes it easy to fit right in while standing.  


How much do you spend sitting everyday?  What do you do to get your body moving?

The Short of It: