Resilience Joy and Power

Imagine your future. Are you happy? Healthy? Are you doing work you enjoy? Do you ooze resilience? Do you have great relationships? Do you know yourself? Love yourself? 

That’s the future we all want. That’s the future we all head for. But how do we get there? How do we plan for that future and actually create it? How do we have all those things not only in the future but right now as well.

For most of us it’s not that easy of a path.  Many many twists, and many many turns.  And all too often, the result isn’t what we were looking for, and also not the even more ideal situation of even better then we were looking for.  We aren’t taught school how to create that life.  We aren’t taught many of the tools we need to create that life.  Instead we’re left to learn them on our own. Which often we do if we are looking for it.  Which if you are here, I’m guessing you are ;D

Just imagine if you had learned when you were a student, the kind of power you have inside you to create that future.  That unstoppable light of magic within.  What if you were taught tools to help you start creating that future while you were in school?  Tools to help you create the unstoppable mindset that would help you be resilient and joyful all the time (ok, most the time – know one is perfect).  Tools that would help you learn quicker, freeing up you time to learn even more.  Tools that would help you figure out what you want to create, because oh so often we learn that we can do and be anything, but we get stuck at “well I don’t know what I want.”


Now wouldn’t that be something.

resilience joy power


So I created a course, to help you get started on down that path to a resilient, joyful, powerful future (and present).  I did design it with the intention of students taking it.  Because, I’m telling you – wouldn’t that be something – if we started to learn when we were in school all the amazing tools out there to help us be resilient, joyful, powerful – UNSTOPPABLE people.  Wouldn’t that be something if we went into college or were in college having a much better idea of what we wanted to do and create with our lives, instead of waiting til were in our 30s or 40s or even later to figure it out (all too often).  

But truthfully this course is for students of life in general of all ages, anyone struggling with happiness and life direction that is looking to make some positive changes.  

If you are interested I invite you to check out more about the course The Resilience, Joy and Power Mindset.” on udemy where it is hosted.  And if you take it, I’d love to get your feedback.  This class covers the basics with some fantastic exercises and tools, but there is so much more.  I’d love to here if you’re interested.


The Short of It: