Fruit and Vegetable Wash – Why and How?

  Do ever NOT wash your fruits and veggies before eating? Me? Oh yeah, totally guilty, right here, all the time.  I mean, well, I usually do a quick rinse, but is that really enough, maybe for some organic veggies from your own backyard…. But lets face it,... read more

DIY Deodorant – coconut and lavendar

One of the best ways to upgrade your life is to take the toxins out of it.  Completely possible, hell no, unfortunately.  But when it comes to your hygiene and cosmetics, it’s quite possible.  I started my switch to non-toxic formulas with deodorant.... read more

Can Ocean Pollution Be Cleaned Up – I think so

Today I learned about The Ocean Cleanup project and I absolutely had to share as it is one of the most inspiring stories to make a difference in the world I’ve come across lately. Water is a topic I’m very passionate about, and the plight of our oceans can be... read more

No More Ants – Naturally

I recently moved into a new place in March, and about a month ago I had a few ants milling around my kitchen floor near the outside wall.  I killed them, vacuumed and went on my way.  The next day there were a few more, so I decided action needed to be... read more

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