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Energy & Empowerment Coach / Wellness Consultant / Certified Bulletproof® Coach


Who I work with?

Struggling with your health, energy, resilience, happiness? Tired of being tired and looking to get back the energy you used to have? Looking to lose weight or having a hard time making lifestyle changes in order to feel better?

Life is just so much better when you have the energy to live it!! You feel better, you look better, you work better, and you just are better!!  When you can get your energy back, on a physical and mental level what you can achieve and how you can feel and transform is priceless.

My number 1 goal is to help my clients not only reach their goals of feeling and looking better but also love the life they currently have, being HAPPY NOW, while creating a life equal to their greatest potential.

I can support you creating and moving towards your vision of vitality and happiness, and making the lifestyle changes necessary to get there, BANISHING your inner saboteurs, all while loving the life you have.  I’ll help you become aware of your strengths and your blocks, help you breakthrough any mental blocks to achieving your goal, and help you make and commit to the actions that will lead you straight to living your dreams.

As Louis Hay put it:

“You Can Heal Your Life”

 And when you do, its kind of common to also heal your body.  Not always.  Sometimes an illness is too far down it’s path, sometimes you got a virus you don’t even know exist so how can you test for it.  But I believe are bodies are always healing always working their path to bring you back to health.  And our job is to support that.  And the best way to do that is to heal your life, and I’d like support you in healing your life.


Why Get A Coach?

To master anything, you will need –

  • knowledge
  • motivation
  • consistency
  • challenge to change.

As a coach I aim to – 

  • build a transformative and powerful alliance with you to help bring forth your best you
  • help you find clarity and direction
  • help you build awareness
  • motivate you
  • challenge you
  • teach you
  • hold you accountable


Uncover what’s blocking you from your goal

Move those blocks


Step into the transformed version of yourself – create a new reality of yourself


If you’re interested in having me as a part of your team, I promise to do just that.  I’d love to be there for you, and support you on your journey!  I am not a doctor, and I’m not a healer, yet we all need to be our own health and happiness detectives, and I’d love to be the Watson to your Sherlock ;D.  Lets see what kind of magic we can create.


Who My Coaching and Programs Is NOT for?

I am not for you

If you are looking to me as a replacement for a doctor/health practitioner. (though I am happy to make suggestions if you are looking for a good one or 2).

If you are not ready to commit to working to achieve your goals

If you are close-minded to suggestions and the occasional woo-woo


Where the Coaching Happens?

Mainly I coach digitally through the Zoom platform or via telephone or Skype.  I do also offer in person coaching in the Chicago area.



45 Minute – Free “Clearing the Path To Health” Strategy Session

  • Create a crystal clear vision for “optimal vitality‟ (both mentally and physically) so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do next to head make leaps on that path.
  • Get clarity on the how to remove the biggest known challenges (emotional eating, self-control, lack of time and/or motivation, etc.)
  • Uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down your progress.  When you remove all the barriers, you allow the dam to burst forth with the abundant energy you are desperately desiring.
  • Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally energize your way to the wellness and life changes you seek- once and for all.
  • Limited monthly appointments

 CONTACT ME to book or go HERE to Book NOW with my appointment calendar.



Become Bulletproof –

Bulletproof Defined – 

Being The Best Version Of Yourself!

Intentional – Present – Energized – Engaged – Resilient – Generative – Inspired – Fulfilled – Reflective – Compassionate

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Ready to Upgrade the Life You Have for the Life You Really Want?

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Corporate Wellness

Take your corporate Wellness Program to the next level through not only wellness, nutrition and fitness coaching, but also through the principals of resilience, stress management, mindfulness, vitality, and happiness.

  •  1 day seminars or workshops, group programs, or one on one as needed coaching.

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