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Exercising for Energy – Stop 8

  Ah, exercise. The little argued value to a healthy life, yet highly argued as to what is optimal exercise. The answer, like food, is it depends on the individual.   For most people exercise is about weight loss or maintaining weight. The old calorie in calorie out...

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Hacking Happiness – Stop 6

  The degree to which people experience positive emotions in their lives can predict whether or not they will be languishing or flourishing. (1)   Ah, the illusive happiness.  We all want it, and many of us struggle to get it or maintain it when we do.  We say we’re...

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The Inner Side of Healing – Stop 5

  When it comes to doing inner healing work, there is a lot we can talk about,  but in today’s case, I am referring to 2 things.   The extraordinary power of belief   This is often referred to as the Placebo Effect, though it doesn’t actually require a placebo to...

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Light, Sleep and Your Circadian Rhythm

  I just want to start this stop by saying, Light is freaking cool.  I’m not going to pretend to know everything there is to know about the full spectrum of light and how it affects our health.  In fact, I think there are very few that understand it to the full extent...

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Grounding. Is it Hippy Nonsense? – Stop 3

Ever notice how wonderful it feels to walk around barefoot in a nice patch of grass? Doing yoga in the park barefoot? What about gardening? Other than the fact that these are relaxing activities, there is a reason they make you feel so yummy.  It has to do with your...

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Stress and How to Kick it’s Ass – Stop 2

  There is a famous saying, it goes: “Stress, it’s a killer.” Well that’s kind of a terrible saying, and I’ll get to why, but first let’s talk about how it really did come about for a reason. Chronic stress is often seen as the enemy to healing.   We all know what...

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The Wellness and Vitality Roadmap

  This is the wellness and vitality roadmap.  It’s gathered from 14 years of my personal health battle, educating myself, and experiencing mostly failures before finding any successes.  My goal - to help you find success in your journey so much faster than I did.  I...

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Everything Your Want to Know About Energy

Your bodies ability to produce energy is perhaps the most essential function to life.  You can go weeks without eating.  You go several days without water.  You can typically go 5-10 minutes without oxygen, though it is possible to go rather longer.  The record for...

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