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The Short Version

Hi I’m Laura (Energy Empowerment Coaching, Author, Health and Good Vibration Nerd. Storyteller. Optimist. Wellness Advocate.) and I run the Life Upgrade Movement which is about whole health, resilience and vitality, upgrading your life and mindset, embracing the health nerd in all of us, and creating the perfect energy vibrations to attract all of this. Its about inspiring and informing. Creating a tribe of good energy vibrators who want to upgrade themselves, each other, and the world.


In Length

I want to share a little bit of my story.  My name is Laura and I’m writing this today because 10 years ago I developed the first signs of arthritis.  It took a few years to even diagnose it, but finally it was decided to call it non-ankylosing spondylitis arthritis.  Basically its an auto-immune arthritis that is hard to define, but it acts a lot like psoriatic arthritis. This arthritis has sent me on a journey that today I am very grateful for.  I’ve learned so much over these past 10 years and it has completely changed who I am.  I feel like I’ve tried every “alternative” path under the sun to heal myself and I’m still working at it, and currently there is no cure for arthritis in western medicine either.  But I’ve heard a ton of amazing stories of healing that have inspired me to keep going.  And now I’m in a better place today than I ever could have imagined.  

My mission is to help shortcut your journey to health and happiness, so you don’t have to spend years getting their the way I did.  My goal is to not only help you reach your goals of joy and vitality but to help you BE HAPPY NOW while you create the life you dream of, equal to your greatest potential.

Everyone is different and everyone will have a different path to health, but the goal is that with this movement you can find yours. You know that feeling, when you’re walking through a park at a sunset on an absolute perfect night.  Maybe it’s slightly warm with a great breeze or it’s the perfect flip flop and sweatshirt weather with no breeze (either way not a bug to bother unless it’s a lightning bug or butterfly).  The grass has just been cut so it’s smells amazing.  You’re walking in silence but you are walking with someone you love (be it your significant other, your mom, your dog, even yourself), and you are just thinking how beautiful that green green grass in the park is, and how good it smells, and you just feel the love of the activity in the park (the softball games, the kids screaming in laughter, their moms chatting away).  In this moment you are thinking only of the beauty of this moment and how grateful you are to be experiencing it.   That, that is the moment I’m on a mission to replicate consistently in my life, that is the moment of perfect alignment where anything can and does happen.  And with any luck I can somehow help bring that into your lives.  Because those are the moments you heal, those are the moments inspiration flows and creativity flourishes. That’s it, that is the true purpose of this blog.

As Louis Hay puts it.  “You can heal your life” – and when you do you often times find the path to healing your body on the same road.  Not always.  Certainly not always.  But if you can heal your life, even if you don’t heal your body, you’ll find peace and joy.  You’ll find love of the life you have.  So that’s really my goal, to support you in healing your life.




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