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Because, it all starts with energy.  


We all have these goals, these dreams, these big ol Effing responsibilities.   But seriously, SERIOUSLY, aren’t you just sick of being tired?


You sit down to work on your to do list, whether that is a to do list of responsibilities or the to do list to make your dreams happen, be it building a business, or a creative endeavor that will fill you up with joy, or a toy you want to build for you kids.  


Well you sit, and then you go  – “Damn it, I don’t fucking feel like doing this.”  


OR “Damn it, I’m way too effing tired for this.”  


OR you just go blank, because you don’t know how to start and you give up in frustration.  


But really, you know, that “I’m drawing a blank” sort of frustration, is just a solid excuse to give up because you’re too freakin’ tired.  Whether you’re physically tired, mentally tired, or both, it doesn’t matter.  The point is, you need energy.


Energy is life’s fuel.  Energy is everything and everything is energy.  It’s not only life’s fuel, it’s what we are made of on a quantum level.  We’re just energy vibrating at different wavelengths.


For me, the beginnings of my obsession with having unlimited, and always tappable energy started when I learned about the importance of physical energy at a mitochondrial level (mitochondria being the part of our cells that produce our energy).  


It was like wait, WHAT?  you mean if I focus on fixing my energy levels vs. fixing my autoimmunity I might be able to “fix” both.  Well holy moly, that’s freaking awesome, and definitely worth trying.  

I was tired of being tired.  Tired of coming home exhausted.  Tired needing a 2pm nap at work, but not being able to take it.  Tired of being too tired and unmotivated to work on leaving that job.


I learned about this on my journey to become a Bulletproof Coach.  Dave Asprey, the founder is dare I say obsessed with mitochondrial energy.  He even wrote a whole book about why.  Head Strong, which I highly recommend.


Essentially though, the healthier and more efficient our mitochondria, the healthier we are all around.  Think about it, our bodies are always healing the themselves.  They are designed to.  They are freaking cool in that way.  


Get a cut, it heals.  Get a cold, your body heals.  But it doesn’t stop their.  It’s always repairing and healing.


But, it uses energy to heal.  That’s why you tend to be tired when you are sick.  Your body is using more of it’s cellular energy production to heal.  But so much of modern life is detrimental to efficient cellular energy production! Lowering it, making us more tired, and sicker.


And for me, and my autoimmunity, that was a huge revelation, and profoundly helpful in shifting my health.


“What one can do when they’ve learned how to and have created a wellspring of tappable energy, feels extraordinary, but is actually innate to everyone.”


But that’s just physical energy.  There is also just straight up mental fatigue.  You can be an insanely fit person, but still find yourself mentally fatigued on a daily basis from all of life’s stress.  


All that B.S. we deal with on a daily basis.  


It can be quite the buzz kill.


When you are mentally fatigued, you are so much more susceptible to the B.S.  To that downward spiral of negativity, giving up, depression, frustration, anger.  


Nothing good.


Essentially you just can’t create.  


And the 2 play off each other, feed into each other.  If you are physically tired, you’re bummed that you are too tired to be working on what you really want to be, which creates stress and leads to mental fatigue.  


And when you’re mentally fatigued, you just feel physically fatigued because the mind body connection is so strong.  Or you really aren’t all the physically tired but the motivation is so low from the mental fatigue that you just sit on your bum and eat junk, which leads to physical fatigue down the road.


So what do you do? How do you create a wellspring of energy that’s always tapped, and always ready to be turned up when necessary.


My 3 biggest tips for having unlimited energy.


For Everything

  1. Banish Stress

For Mental Energy Mastery

  1.  Crush Your Limiting Beliefs

For Upping Physical Energy 10 fold

  1.  Significantly Reduce Sugar and Processed Foods.


Yes, I know you’re probably thinking “Bahahahaha, Laura, SUUUURE, if only any of those things was even in the slightest bit easy.”  Cuz, yes of course MUCH easier said than done.


But I’m not here to leave you hanging.  


Why these 3 thing & how exactly do you even begin to do them.


busting stress

Busting Stress




The funny thing.  I really don’t like saying stress is a bad thing.  Because it’s not always.  It’s a bodily response for a reason. However, it’s meant to be used.  


You’ve probably heard the classic example of running away from lions.  You see a lion.  Stress response activates.  You fight, flight, or freeze.  And once you’re safe, you shake it off, and you’re relaxed again.


But that’s not so real world for most of us.


Now a days that might look like.  You see a gorgeous man you want to talk to, but your scared out of your mind he’s going to reject you, BUT you really want to try anyways.  So stress response activated.   Your heart start racing.  Cortisol is released and pumps you full of energy.  And then you use that what probably feel like “I’m going to throw up” energy. You use the fact that you are now flush with nerves (hey, it’s bringing a pretty color to your cheeks) and you go talk to the guy.


You did it!! Fuck yeah!


And regardless of the outcome.  You can now relax.  You shake it off.


The problem with stress arises is when we don’t shake it off.  Which tends to happen, when

      1. We don’t know we have it because the stressor is hidden


      2. The stress is chronic.  i.e. you freaking hate going to your job everyday.


When that happens, our stress response (sympathetic nervous system) stays on.  When our stress response is on, our body focuses on that. It puts all these awesome, but not absolutely necessary for keeping you alive systems on low power mode, until the stress is dealt with and relax mode (the parasympathetic nervous system) gets kicked back to normal mode.


When we stay in stress, our hormones get all out of whack.  Some too high, some too low. Your cortisol (the stress hormone) definitely gets all whacky.  You are just definitely running inefficiently.  For instance chronic adrenal stress (the adrenals being what pumps out the stress hormones) down regulates HPA axis function, reduces conversion of T4 to T3 (your thyroid hormones), and reduces the livers ability to clear excess estrogen.  


In case you’re saying “whoseawhat” to the HPA axis.  Your HPA axis is a complex network of interactions between the hypothalamus, the pituitary and the adrenal glands that regulates things such as temperature, digestion, immune system, mood, sexuality and energy usage – in addition to controlling the body’s reaction to stress and trauma. 


In short, chronic stress leads to hormone imbalance.


The thing being, your hormones including your cortisol levels, insulin levels, and your thyroid hormones play huge roles in the efficient running your mitochondrial energy cycle.  


So when they are all whacky, you end up physically fatigued.  And before that, because stress is the double whammy of causing both physical and mental fatigue, you probably were already emotionally drained and mentally tired before becoming physically tired.


And while stress is certainly not the only factor in healthy hormone levels and efficiently running mitochondria, it is a huge factor in that as long as your stress response is on, your relax mode, the mode in which you are healing, and repairing, and your systems are all working and communicating their most efficiently, isn’t.  


So chronic stress isn’t just a mental fatigue thing, it has a huge impact on our physical energy capabilities, and our ability to heal.




Oh so, oh so, oh so, easier said than done.  And their are a multitude of solid proven ways to reduce stress.


But I prefer to look at it as turning on relax mode, vs. turning off stress mode.


My favorite way to turn on relax mode is:


Gratitude.  Because, and I’ll scream this from the rooftops, there is such an AMAZING POWER in gratitude.


Unfortunately, we’re kind of hard wired to be in “life sucks” or “of life is so gosh damn hard” mode.  That mode definitely lends itself to chronic stress.  There is a great episode of the Freakonomics podcast, in which they talk about this.  This, being why so many of us are in “life sucks” mode and why gratitude isn’t the easiest, but also why it’s so great.


I love it, because they are so real about it.  Gratitude isn’t always easy, but when you make it a practice it’s freaking awesome.


Gratitude has been shown to do all of the following:

And my favorite


But how can it specifically help you with stress:


Well besides the fact that all of the above are generally associated with lower stress, the exercise I love to offer is based on the practices taught by HearthMath. The HeartMath Institute sells a tool called the emWave2, (they also have a new fancier tool called the Inner Balance) which allows you to see if your heart beats are in coherence or non-coherence.  This has to do with the variability of your heart beats.  When you’re stressed the spaces between heart beats are more regularly (yes regular, it does seem counter-intuitive).  These tools allows you to train your body to return quickly to relaxation mode during stressful times, or never go there at all.  


Now while I definitely recommend checking out HearthMath and it’s tools.  I want to share with you one of the ways to help you get back into relaxation mode that I base on what I learned from HeartMath, and found most useful for me when I practice with my emwav2.  But it can be done with or without the tool


It is to think of something or someone that gives you the warm fuzzies.  Ideally someone or something that doesn’t also provide you stress regularly, like your significant other or parents might.


I personally think of my 2 year old niece, and all the hilarious things she does like pretend she’s one of her puppy brothers, and try to drink out their dog bowl.  


So when you are feeling stressed, take a 3 minute break (which will also help with the stress), and think of that person or thing that gives you the warm fuzzies.  Now fill up your body with that love.  Express true gratitude for that person, that thing, and for the feelings of love and joy that they provide.  Wrap yourself in that gratitude and love.


And while you’re doing this take nice long slow breaths in and out of your belly.


Practice this 2 to 3 times a day, beyond just when you are feeling the stressed.  Because like I said, often we are in stress mode without even knowing it.

The nice long slow breaths out of your belly are an important part to this.


I love love love, breathing exercises for quickly turning on relax mode.  In the FREE Energizing Your Body & Empowering Your Mind PDF I share the how and why’s of some of my favorites (the 6/8 breath and the calming breath) along with other quick tips, such as the shaky bounce.

limiting beliefs energy


Crush Your Limiting Beliefs & Mastering Your Mindset



Ok, so this for that mental fatigue, where you are just demotivated, drained, and brain foggy.


Now some people will tell you motivation is crap, and you just have to work through it.  Do “it” (whatever it is you’re struggling to do) anyways.  Well, that’s ok, and can work to a certain extent.


But when you are motivated, and excited, and happy you will perform so much higher, so much more efficiently.


There are scientific studies that say happy brains perform better. 


So sure you can push and force your way through mental fatigue OR you can work turning on the relaxation response AND crushing the limiting beliefs that are major contributors to the stress and negativity in the first place.


In doing so you are significantly upping your ability to be happy in the present moment, which is where a lot of powerful creative jedi juju happens.


To get rid of OR shift your limiting beliefs, because sometimes you just need to move them out of the way, you first have to identify them.


To identify them you have to build your awareness muscle.  This involves turning off the blinders you’ve been walking around with and taking off the headphones you’ve been listening too, and instead begin asking questions and reflecting.


So awareness is Step 1 in empowering your mindset.


Step 2 is clearing/shifting the limiting beliefs.


2 of the biggest limiting beliefs that can be keeping you on the mental fatigue, woe is me train, are “I am not enough” and “my happiness is tied to some person or some goal, something outside of me”


This is BTW, a way to build awareness of your limiting beliefs.  Just hearing about others, and recognizing them in you.


I am not enough is tied to all sorts of fear, lack of confidence, and lack of self love.  Anger as well.


And tying your happiness to reaching a goal, or to a relationship removes your power to control your present happiness.  And let’s face it, life is too short to not to find joy in the everyday.  


That lack of joy, that lack of self-love is a 1-way train to stress and mental fatigue.


So the technique for clearing/shifting these B.S. beliefs I’ll teach you here is a combination of techniques of learned from my Bulletproof coaching certification via the head of the program Dr. Mark Atkinson, as well as Joe Vitale and Christian Mickelsen


The Exercise:

You will need 2 pieces of paper and a pen.

o   On the 1st piece of paper describe the limiting belief you feel you are experiencing.

In describing it, don’t only write down the belief, write along with it, all the negative life patterns and events associated it.  Write down what your life looks like because of that belief.  The things you are doing because of that belief that you don’t like.

(For instance, maybe you have a belief that you can’t be your loud outgoing self in order for people to like you.  So write down all the ways this shows up in your life.  You hold yourself back.  You don’t know if people like you for you.  You don’t get to express yourself the way you like.  Your holding in things you want to/need to say for fear of rejection, etc. Get specific to your life)

o   Close your eyes and feel the emotions associated with it. Find when they are sitting in your body. Where it is the strongest. Even though this will not likely feel very good, the more you are in the feeling of the situation, the more likely you are to release it.

o Sit with those emotions in the body, focusing on the feeling, just breathing into it, until it begins to move.  It’ll eventually want to escape your body, likely through your hands or feet.  Follow along with it, as it exits your body.

o   Now visualize all those feelings being transferred out of your body into the paper. Releasing them from you. You can visualize it anyway you like.  Light, dust or vapor like, even globs and goopiness.  Whatever you see.  Transfer it into the paper.  

o   Next, on the 2nd sheet paper describe the ideal belief or situation you would like to have. Imagine that fully.  What will life look like, be like with that belief.  Fully participate in the vision, really feeling the joy and other feelings associated with it. Immerse yourself in the feel good.

o   Now destroy the first sheet.

o   Destroy it however you see fit – using safety precautions of course.

o    Finally return to the second sheet daily for at least a week. Look at it, and re-feel those good feelings, re-visualize life with that belief, and every time you do you are stepping into the vibration of your new belief.


I’m also a ridiculously large fan of EFT.  That is the Emotional Freedom Technique a.k.a Tapping.  It is a powerful way to turn on relaxation mode.  It’s similar to HeartMath in that it can help train your body not to have a stress response to certain situations/beliefs/feelings/thoughts, but it focuses more on making those shifts while feeling the negative feelings and is thus a powerful tool for shifting limiting beliefs.


It’s truly freaking brilliant.  


Learn more about EFT and more techniques for all 3 steps to greater energy in The FREE Energizing Your Body & Empowering Your Mind PDF .


And Step 3 in empowering your mindset to be a powerful and energized creator, otherwise known as Mindset Mastery, is stepping into the new vibration. Stepping into the vibration of vitality, the vibration you want to be sending out to the world so that it can reflect back to you.


This oddly enough begins with my favorite stress busting technique – Gratitude.  But more expansive gratitude.  Gratitude for the truth of the vibration you want to AND ARE sending out to the Quantum Physics Field/Force/Universe.  


Practicing gratitude regularly can truly be a mindset and thus whole game changer.  I suggest more than the nightly gratitude journal.  I suggest morning, noon, evening.  Anytime you can remember to, find something you are grateful for.  Ideally something new and present, and really feel that gratitude vs just saying thanks.


And Finally.


no sugar for energy


Significantly Reduce Sugar and Processed Foods.


Bum, bum, bum.




I know, I know, I know.  It’s so freaking awful.  But here’s the thing, our bodies energy makers are the mitochondria in our cells.  They run on either glucose (from sugar and carbs) OR fat (from fat).  


Things to know about this:

  • Glucose is the primary source because it is quick and easy and doesn’t require as much in the process
  • However fat makes much more energy per molecule than glucose does.
  • The whole process of breaking down glucose or fat, ushering them into the krebs cycle, and then going through the krebs cycle requires A LOT (just to start B vitamins, CoQ10, T3 (yes your thyroid hormone), epinephrine, enzymes, cortisol, and insulin, seriously just to name a few)  – remember how stress messes with some of those hormones.
  • Insulin is the hormone that ushers glucose into the energy making cycle.
  • Eating lots of sugar, like stress, messes with the cycle by messing with the balance of your insulin and glucose levels.
  • Being fat adapted – meaning you use fat for energy more than the average person –
    • A – requires you eat a lot less sugar
    • B – equals much greater energy
    • C – also is much healthier when the fat is healthy undamaged (oxidized from cooking mainly) fat such as coconut oil, avocado, grass-fed butter, ghee
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction is essentially also known as aging.  Your energy production slows.  While this is normal as one ages for lots of factors, 48% of people have early-onset (before the age of 40) mitochondrial dysfunction.  And even post 40 when nearly everyone has it, you can still slow the dysfunctioning/slowing/aging. 
    • This is why we’re all so Effing tired!


Ok so now that you understand that, what else about sugar:

  • When you eat carbs, the pancreas secretes insulin to usher the glucose into the energy making cycle.  But when you eat excess carbs (which is so easy to do in the standard American Diet) you have to make more and more insulin, or you can’t make enough insulin fast enough.
  • Too much insulin – leads to high blood pressure and inflammation.
  • Can’t make enough insulin – this leads to high blood sugar which damages nerves, blood vessels, eyes, and gets stored as fat.
  • So your insulin and blood sugar levels are getting all out of whack, and overtime your cells just stop responding as well to the constant onslaught of insulin and you develop insulin resistance.
  • When your insulin resistant (which something like 86 million Americans are) you’re going to be tired because insulin is so important to the energy production cycle, especially if you aren’t fat adapted.  And if you are fat adapted, you are likely on your way to fixing your insulin resistance.  And if you’re insulin resistant you’re probably going to start gaining weight, because now there is excess sugar, which gets stored as fat.
  • When you’re eating too much sugar you are also likely having blood sugar swings, and low blood sugar isn’t good either, because it causes the stress response to turn on releasing coritsol, because cortisol tells the liver to produce more glucose in order to raise blood sugar back to a normal level, this also kicks insulin back on.
    • This happens with stress of any kind.  Releasing cortisol means your body wants more energy, so stress affects your insulin/blood sugar balance.  It’s all coming full circle here.

So yes, I’m saying eat far far less to no sugar and those shitty processed carbs and get yourself fat adapted, or at least insulin balanced. Your mitochondria, energy levels, and overall health will thank you for it!





Yes this still deserves a how, because this one can be the hardest of all and actually create that stress that we are working so diligently to get rid of.

Because sugar is freaking addictive.


Well, for me knowing why really helped.  Other steps include the obvious.  

  • Don’t keep it in your house.

But also.

  • Fill up on healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil.
  • Don’t try to be fancy, especially while you’re adjusting.  Eat the same 2 or 3 dishes for each meal.  Have the same snacks everyday.
  • Try EFT to help stimmey the “give me, give me, give me” response to cookies.


Also consider getting a blood glucose meter to really determine that amount of carbs you should be having, and which carbs your body processes well….


  • The suggested by functional medicine doctors level you want your fasting blood sugar (when you wake in the morning) to be is between 75-85.  Then when you eat something with glucose in it, your blood sugar levels will go up right away and then if your body is doing it’s job well, should start dropping in 10-20 minutes.  However, if you eat something and test 30-60 minutes later and the levels still up, especially if it’s still up over 25 points thats a sign that your body is not processing that food well. It’s also a sign of insulin resistance.  


86 millions Americans are Insulin resistant.  It’s drastically affecting your energy and leading to major health challenges down the road.
Ah, but these 3 tips, while HUGE, are just beginning.  Download The FREE Energizing Your Body & Empowering Your Mind PDF for over 30 tips and tools to boost your energy –  more stress busting techniques, mindset mastery tools, and help breaking your sugar habits. Plus food ideas!!


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