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The Resilience, Joy and Power Mindset

Imagine your future. Are you happy? Healthy? Are you doing work you enjoy? Do you ooze resilience? Do you have great relationships? Do you know yourself? Love yourself?  That’s the future we all want. That’s the future we all head for. But how do we get there?... read more

Healthy Chocolate Almond Butter Fudge

This chocolate almond butter fudge recipe was inspired by Chocolate Covered Katie clean eating almond butter fudge.  My friend had pinned it, and I offered to make it for a gathering we had.  I got to say it quite delicious, but it also got melty really... read more

The 2 Daily Journals You Should Be Keeping

Truth, I’ve never considered myself much of a writer. It doesn’t come naturally to me, and takes a bit more time and effort than I’d like. Proper grammar and technique, forget about that. So anytime the suggestion of journaling has come up I’ve kind of balked at the... read more

How We’re All Really Jedi In-Training

With the new Star Wars movie out, I like many, decided it was a great idea to re-watch the original trilogy.  While I’ve seen the trilogy many times in the past, it had been quite a few years since I re-watched them. I was prepared for an entertaining time,... read more

16 Things For The Health Nerds Soul

  Looking for the perfect gift this Holiday Season.  Know a health nerd, or are you a health nerd too? Own any of these titles? Organic, holistic, granola, hippy (gasp), earth mama, civilized caveman, yogi, bio-hacker, gluten-free. Insert roll of eyes by so... read more

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