Imagine waking up on Monday and looking forward to not only the work day, but the week. Imagine having the confidence, clarity and self-awareness to easily plan and execute the next step in your career.

Imagine performing at your highest level because you are fully engaged in what you do.

Our typical career lives are 80,000 hours. Imagine a life where 80% of people love the work they do, instead of 80% dreading Mondays.

Imagine a life where YOU ARE one of those people that is HAPPY at and with your work

Why Coaching?

Coaching can be the catalyst for profound change.

  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Knowledge
  • Direction
  • Results
  • Impact & Transformation

Want my help getting clear on your next career move and making the plan to get you there, and helping with the tools and motivation to walk that path?

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Meet your Career Coach...

Laura Boysen

  • Purpose clarity and career happiness coach |
  • certified human potential coach |
  • college transition coach

As a career coach, I empower professional woman unhappy on their career path, feeling confused about what’s next, still saying “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up”, to discover and walk their authentic career path so they can live with purpose and work with joy.

I stand for and am committed to myself and my clients living:

  • With clarity - so we never need to suffer in in-decision.
  • Being Happy Now - Not waiting til ... to be happy - Choosing to be happy now.
  • With Purpose and working with joy.
  • Managing stress with ease.
  • With self-care and feeling good!
  • Feeling at home in our lives, so we don’t feel we have anything to escape from.
  • Confident, present, and empowered.
  • Living your best life and your work supporting that.

More about me...

Executive Search & Recruiting

Certified Human Potential Coach

Best-Selling Author

Energy Healer

"Instead of wondering when our next vacation is we should set up a life we don’t need to escape from.”